Bitcoin “inventor” Craig Wright fails to impress the court

Wright is accused by Dave Kleiman’s survivors of allegedly stealing 1 million Bitcoin from him. The coins in question were allegedly mined in the early years of the cryptocurrency, after Kleiman Wright had allegedly helped to develop Bitcoin.

Previously, he had been ordered by the court to provide a list of his own Bitcoin addresses. Asked by his own lawyer team, Wright reiterated his claim that “he simply could not get that information” and that it would not provide the plaintiff with anything relevant.

In tears, he testified that he was ashamed of his “invention” and lamented the fact that people had used them for criminal activities. He allegedly created the “anonymous” digital currency so that it could be used as “crime-free” money.

During the interrogation, Wright was given a printout of an e-mail that, according to the indictment, was fake. Although the e-mail is supposed to be written by Kleiman in December 2012, the PGP signature was not generated until March 2014. Kleiman was already dead for a year at this time.

While Wright claims that Kleiman’s lawyer is trying to mislead the court, the e-mail in question has been provided by his own legal team.

The topic of the survey then turned to the “blind trust” Wright claims to have deposited his bitcoins in. Kleiman’s lawyer pointed out to Wright that the beneficiary of a trust he allegedly founded in 2012 was a company he bought in 2014. Wright responded that he did not recognize the documents – although the lawyer claims they were “produced by [Wright].”

When asked who holds the 15 parts of the keys (8 of which are needed to access the allegedly trusted bitcoins), Wright replied that he “did not know from the head”. Apparently nobody asked him to look at the file. Although he clearly knew that he would be asked to provide the public keys to the court.

The judge took over the interview, and Wright claimed that he had given Kleiman some keys. These should be passed on to customs couriers, and Wright said that some will not be available until 2020. 

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