Mysterious stranger provokes Craig Wright

One of the most controversial figures in the crypto industry , Craig Wright, sees his claims to the crypto-throne challenged today – one more person claims a copyright claim on the Bitcoin whitepaper.

According to the official website of the US Copyright Office, Wei Liu, a California resident of California, registered copyright on May 24, just three days after news of Wright’s registration had surfaced. Liu claims to have released the Bitcoin whitepaper titled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” 
on January 11, 2008.

It is still not clear who Wei Liu is, and so far no one has given an explanation as to why the claim was made. However, since Wright’s copyright claim to the Bitcoin whitepaper has been mocked in many places, it is likely that Liu’s goal is to counter Wright’s claims. 
Since the Copyright Office does not investigate the accuracy of the claims made in the registration claims, the claims themselves have little legal weight. The latest development proves this – because the links Wright posted on April 11th now state that Liu owns the copyright for Bitcoin’s white paper.

Despite the continuing controversy surrounding Craig Wright, Bitcoin SV has its best month yet. The controversial Bitcoin offshoot rose more than 60 percent in the early hours of May 30, after Craig Wright was reportedly sending Bitcoin out of Satoshi Nakamoto’s wallets.

A fake news alert from the Chinese media company Coinbull pushed the market to buy BSV, causing the coin to jump from $ 120 to $ 200 in a few hours. 
According to the report, Wright transferred 50,000 BTC from one of Satoshi Nakamoto’s wallets to Binance, which, if correct, would be the ultimate proof that Wright is indeed Bitcoin’s creator.

Coinbull responded quickly, explaining that the image in the report was photoshopped and urging users not to trust rumors spread on platforms like WeChat.

Changpeng Zhao, the founder and CEO of Binance , also responded to the hoax that he would put BSV back on the list and said it was a fake. Here again: Zhao will not resume BSV. 
This is the second time that the BSV prize has come through the roof in less than 10 days, further increasing the contempt of the crypto community against this currency.

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