The 10 cryptocurrencies with the best performance of the year

Bitcoin may have recovered spectacularly in recent months – but when it comes to the best performance in 2019, BTC is not even in the top five. Let’s just take a look at the ten big winners of the year 2019.

The overview:

1. Binance Coin (BNB) + 475%. 
2nd Tezos (XTZ) + 255%. 
3. Litecoin (LTC) + 254%. 
4. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) + 166%. 
5. EOS (now … EOS) + 158%. 
6. Bitcoin (BTC) + 134% (Bitcoin) 
7. Cardano (ADA) + 106% 
8. Dash (DASH) + 100% 
9. Monero (XMR) + 93% 
10. Ethereum (ETH) + 91

1. Binance Coin (BNB) + 475%


As early as April, Binance Coin was the first cryptocurrency to surpass its January 2018 ATH. An impressive result, as only two months earlier, the Binance stock exchange’s token had risen to the top 10 currencies due to market capitalization. Even a $ 41 million hack on the stock market did not keep BNB down long – three days ago the asset landed at a new all-time high. 475% profit in less than five months is certainly not to be despised.

2. TEZOS (XTZ) + 255% (TEZOS)

2018 was a tough year for Tezos for many reasons, with the September launch of Mainnet preceded by a $ 170 million decline in market capitalization. However, all that seems to be behind XTZ – with a plus of 70% in just three days in March. Tezos has continued the capitalization and is now 255% above the previous year.

3. LITECOIN (LTC) + 254% + 254%

For Litecoin, there seems to be only one way this year: up. Almost every month steady growth – this secures LTC a place among the top three. After the announcement of Mimblewimble in February Gains, then again in March … then April … and also in May there were healthy gains. The Halving is in just 70 days – so who knows how much LTC can climb by then?

4. BITCOIN CASH (BCH) + 166%

The Bitcoin Cash Hardfork in November 2018 led to a bitter hash-war, the effects of which were far-reaching. Bitmain “postponed” its IPO and dismissed CEO Jihan Wu for the affair. However, this year Bitcoin Cash has quietly regained lost ground – especially because BCH no longer has connections to (Dr.) Craig Wright.

5. EOS + 158%

Even EOS, the cryptocurrency in fifth place by market capitalization, has so far achieved impressive growth so far this year. The decentralized application and smart contract platform hit the headlines this year when co-founder Dan Larimer threatened to “destroy” the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks. Maybe it’s true that there is no such thing as “bad publicity”.

6. BITCOIN (BTC) + 134%

So yes. Bitcoin’s profits this year have even caused the mainstream financial media to get up and revisit Krypto. BTC, however, is still just outside our top 5. This shows what an incredible time it was for the crypto market. Although this is only the beginning. Many are of the opinion that we could be in a two- to three-year bull market.

7. CARDANO (ADA) + 106% 
8. DASH (DASH) + 100% 
9. MONERO (XMR) + 93% 
10. ETHEREUM (ETH.) + 91%

Five-month returns that would make every stock market investor cry with joy. The four crypto currencies that round off our top 10 have all doubled since the beginning of the year. Each of these coins performed incredibly well – the crypto-winter has thawed, let’s enjoy the crypto-spring!

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