New Bitcoin luxury watch and “Encrypto”

The Swiss luxury watchmaker Franck Muller is working with the alternative investment company Regal Assets to bring a timepiece with the name “Encrypto”, which sounds very nice to Bitcoin enthusiasts.

The watch was designed by Frank Muller himself, the dial contains the QR code of Satoshi’s Genesis block address. Interestingly, the clock should serve as a cold wallet for storing Bitcoin. The press release according to each watch is supplied as a two-piece set containing a unique public address on the dial and a sealed USB port with the private key. Interesting: users can check their balance directly through the dial.

The price for an Encrypto watch starts at $ 9,800 and goes up to $ 50,600. The expensive luxury version is then diamond-studded. You can buy the chronograph either by credit card, bank transfer or – how could it be otherwise – with Bitcoin . 
The Swiss watchmaker has reportedly exploring more models with support for other top cryptocurrencies.

Franck Muller is not the only watchmaker walking down Bitcoin Street. As early as 2018, the renowned Hublot company launched a limited-edition timepiece called Big Bang, reminiscent of Bitcoin’s 10th anniversary. Also, this watch was only available for a rather high price – proud $ 25,000. Unlike Encrypto, however, Hublot’s Big Bang could only be bought with Bitcoin and no other currency.

Of course, there are also other watches with Bitcoin branding – such as Cryptomatic, the first mechanical timepiece with the Bitcoin B logo. They were also much cheaper and already for less than $ 1000 to have.

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