Bitfinex now allows coin trading without a minimum deposit

A number of well-known crypto exchanges target their platforms primarily to institutional investors who want to trade Bitcoin , Ethereum, and countless other digital currencies. Also the operator Bitfinex belonged to this group for a long time. The company had only received more attention at the end of 2018, as it was reportedly one of the few service providers in the industry to report correct trading volumes , while some of the leading websites reported that they were using inaccurate data. In any case, the commercial model in the house Bitfinex previously also saw a higher minimum deposit after account opening, which was at 10,000 euros or USD.

While there were no real bans on private trades in this regard, of course, such a minimum deposit is certainly an obstacle to investors wishing to invest money in cryptocurrency on a private basis. The good news is that the crypto-exchange Bitfinex has now eliminated the said minimum capitalization. In doing so, the company says it is responding to the changes in view of those interested in trading Ripple , Litecoin and other currencies through the platform. Of course, behind the reaction to the increasing demand from customers with less lush budget, there is also the hope of gaining further importance in the international competition on the market.

The current changes in business policy are the result of six months of work in which Bitfinex has decided to open up to new customers with different goals than the clientele previously served. At the same time, the operator relies on more extensive customer support, which will include, among other things, its own know-your-customer portal. Furthermore, an evaluation tool should be launched, which should ultimately bring more transparency. Bitfinex wants to achieve faster order execution and more security with new, specially developed server technology. Merchants who are passionate about buying and selling digital currencies through wallets will now be able to define their budget completely autonomously, without the help of portal specifications.

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