Binance Coin continues to win and company announces new projects

The Binance exchange is pleased: Since the beginning of the year, its BNB Coin has gained around 120%. Furthermore, a new project has been published.

Importance of Binance Coin growing in the market
As a stock exchange for the crypto trade – including Bitcoin , Litecoin , Ripple and many other coins in various combinations – the operator Binance is a fixture and is one of the world’s most famous portals. But that does not mean that the company even appears on the market as a provider of its own digital currency. The model hears matching Wweise on the name Binance Coin . With the format of the platform operator has actually made a quite impressive start.

Jump into the first coin-line in 2019 succeeded

Not only did the price rise significantly within the past month, however – and especially since the beginning of the year, the Coin has been able to point many other well-known currencies to the pinnacle and add as much as 120 per cent. And this at a time when prices have come under considerable pressure in many areas. Meanwhile, it has made the currency in the top 15 prices of the market. On the success of its own currency, which is also known under the abbreviation BNB, but the stock exchange service provider is not resting. In the past, the company expanded step by step to further expand its market position. The performance by the way is also compatible with analyzes that recently the undervalued Coin dramatically einstuften

New token should open up opportunities for investors
One of the plans is to realize a public token sale for the young company Celer and to offer new and existing customers another innovative investment. The company operates as a so-called “Layer 2 Scaling Platform”, which makes it possible to process payment transactions and smart contracts (similar to, for example, Ethereum’s approach ) using an off-chain approach. Background of the development work of a total of four (not yet mentioned) specialists from well-known US universities. They promise users in spe a significant acceleration of dapps by a factor of 1,000 and more through their app CelerX. So far, the offer is still in the test phase. Binance is one of many relevant crypto projects.

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