TRON brings tethers to its own Blockchain for strong ecosystem growth

The ecosystem around the TRON platform consists of several highly complex projects, which are being developed step by step. The next milestone for TRON is to integrate the USDT token (tether) on the TRON Blockcahin.

TRON will formally partner with Tether to integrate the USDT into the TRON blockchain. A new TRC20-based USDT token will extend the capabilities of the network and enable interoperability for TRON-based DApps and protocols. TRC20 is a technical standard for smart contracts in blockchain for implementing tokens with the TRON Virtual Machine (TVM), similar to the ERC20 from Ethereum (freely translated):

Our collaboration with Tether to provide Tron with a USDT TRC20 token will bring incredible stability and confidence to users.

The cryptocurrency tether was and remains a hotly debated digital asset that is tied to the value of the USD. The current amount of USDT circulating should be deposited in a bank account, but this has never been confirmed by an official audit. Furthermore, tether price manipulations are said to have an impact on the entire crypto market. Regardless of the rumors circulating, this partnership will bring significant added value to the TRON ecosystem. TRON founder and BitTorrent CEO, Justin Sun, is confident that TRON will take a big step forward with it (translated freely):

Our collaboration with Tether to provide USDT’s TRC-20 token for TRON will bring incredible stability and confidence to users. If we implement and execute our vision, they can easily redeem their chips for US dollars.

TRON plans to implement the integration in the second quarter of this year. Above all, the goal of the cooperation is to further develop important strengths and to attract institutional investors (freely translated):

By adding tether to its blockchain, Tron can significantly improve its existing distributed application ecosystem (DApps), improve total asset storage, and increase DEX (decentralized exchange) liquidity. This also makes blockchain more accessible to enterprise-level partners and institutional investors.

Last year, TRON purchased the BitTorrent peer-to-peer sharing platform, which currently has more than 100 million active users. For this purpose, a separate token has been developed that should reward customers for using the platform. TRON works on several different construction sites and the adaptation is also the top priority.

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