VCI International: CEO Interview

His motto is:

Diligence, dedication and the constant desire 
to change successfully!

At the age of 16, Eugen Rosenmeier started network marketing in the telecommunications sector and made first steps. Circle of acquaintances as a customer base, referrals, cold calling, and door-to-door business were the only opportunities to succeed in the early days, thus determiningy day-to-day work. The internet was in its infancy and good mentors were rare.

From 2004 he worked in insurance and investment until 2008. From 2008 to 2015, He worked first in sales management and later on the board of a real estate company.

From 2013 to 2016, Eugen also set up a provident fund and also served on the Board of Management.

In 2016 he was managing director of a Facebook Marketing Academy, which he later handed over to his partner for continuation and from then on dealt with crypto currencies and network marketing.

This led to the idea of founding VCI International on January 8, 2018.

He is 33 years old, happily married and live with his wife and daughter near Frankfurt am Main.

Marina: Where are the company headquarters?

Eugen Rosenmeier: The headquarters are in Sofia, Bulgaria. There are 3 founders which include me, Vladimir Galabov and Alex. Both Alex and Vladimir live in Bulgaria. There in Bulgaria are also people who are helping development, backup and system in general.

Marina: Since when does the company exist?

Eugen Rosenmeier: VCI is the network of Network Planet Limited which was founded on 8th January 2018. Then, in January, we started implementing, developing, bringing up our plans and ideas.

Marina: Currently there are 2 products. Can you tell us more about it and which are ideas for new products?

Eugen Rosenmeier: We started our first product in the E-Gaming Space. We used the hardware for the E-Gaming for which we have global communities who place games. They generate coins in the games. You can call it gaming credits or gaming coins. There are many ways to exchange these E-Game credits for real money. People can buy hardware so they receive rental income and we change credit coins for real money. This is already sold out because big investor came and he bought all that was available. Maybe it will be launched in 3 or 4 months when it’s available again.

Marina: How can we know that new products will make boom in crypto bussiness?

Eugen Rosenmeier: You actually can’t be sure. We can surely do everything we can to make it boom and fancy from our side. Honestly, to create a boom it needs 2 sides. First is the company side which is one of the most important side. We will do our best to create a technology, background… Though, background is already there because we have a cooperation with many of our partners that have big reputation in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and some other countries. If we want to really boom so people can hear about it worldwide, we will need good distrubutors and good marketers. I have a good friend Jürgen Paul that will help increase sales and reach people around the world because he is an Academy Leader and has experience.

Marina: How many members are currently subscribed?

Eugen Rosenmeier: Almost 2,000. It’s not that much because we focused on bussiness development with modern marketing. Right now we are growing approximately 20 new partners a day. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I find it good because, when someone launches a company he doesn’t do it short, he does it forever. We are getting funny questions on Facebook about it. For example: How long is this project going? It is really funny because people on social network expect everything is a scam. It actually takes time that people get aware of you and start trusting you. They approximately need 3-9 months for them to accept it.

Marina: Why did you choose MLM Contracts?

Eugen Rosenmeier: When I started insurance in 2004, it was actually in MLM. So, I know both sides. I just love it. I think when someone starts MLM and starts being good at it, then it’s almost impossible to get rid of it. Like my friend Jürgen, for example. He was the owner of insurance brokerage company which turn was 1.8 billion and he sold it. We just think MLM is the best way for us to help people to get a better lifestyle or financially independent.

Marina: Why should people who don’t dare trading do it and how can they get in?

Eugen Rosenmeier: It all depends on their own experience, I would say.
Financialy educated world has 2 kind of people. One kind is the one who love to take risks and another doesn’t take any risks. These other people usually keep their money in bank or under their pillow and do nothing. It really doesn’t change their situation. If you only look around and ask yourself how wealthy people have their money, the answer is that there is no pillow or bank involved. If someone is motivated enough to get finance education so it can understand how trading works, ofcourse it can take risks. Even though trade market is not stable. We cant have profit if we don’t take any risks.

Marina: Can you tell us more about your hybrid products?

Eugen Rosenmeier: Hybrid products are fully managed products which means that people who buy educational package get also passive income of their investment. For example: If someone buys educational pack for 25$, he also gets the education and the profit. The profit he recieves comes from crypto trading, Forex trading and Futures trading. He just invests, gets good education and the profit which is daily up to 1.5% from Monday to Friday. Results are visible in the Back Office. In the future it will be possible for people to see the real trading profits: what company makes and what he gets of it.

Marina: Can we control our income and what happens if we have no more profit of it?

Eugen Rosenmeier: We can see in the Back Office how much do we get every day and we decide what to do with it. When we have no more profit, it just stops. Also, when we buy the package, we have 7 days activation time. In these 7 days we are already trading. When 7 days pass, we just take profit for the next week. So we can control the profits from week to week.

Also, we have good risk management. For us it is better not to trade when it is too risky. Then we just pause a day, for example. It is better to trade safe as to try to make the maximum.

Marina: Which fees are taken by trader and the company and can everyone participate in trading?

Eugen Rosenmeier: Everyone can participate in trading as long as they have at least 25$ which is minimum. Trader can get from 25% to 50%. If you want to have good traders then you should pay them at least 25% to 50% of the profit.

Marina: Do you have your licence for doing this bussiness authorized by financial authorities?

Eugen Rosenmeier: For education products that we currently have, we don’t even need it. By education we gain rights for profits. Affiliate partners are getting comissions for providing education, but not out of profits. It’s in the hybrid packs education with right of. For Forex product you will need to buy a licence and the licence is the commission. Investment they do they sell upon the broker account. I am a very careful person and I thought if I don’t need a licence now, I will maybe need one license later. Therefore we already founded our company VCI asset management with licence for crypto and Forex investments.

Marina: How do you see VCI in the future?

Eugen Rosenmeier: In three years we will have our complete product universe that we need to build up fund management . We will become fund management company based on Blockchain. In five years we will stay like this, but growing much more awareness and maybe also starting our products in the US market. At the moment we can start it, but we didn’t go there. I also have in mind what can be in the next 10 or 20 years, but it depends on the financial Authority side if we can make it. Also, the next logical step is becoming bigger.

Thank you for the Interview, Eugen!

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