Vancouver starts green Bitcoin mining!

DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. is working to make Bitcoin mining ecologically sensible. By converting a significant portion of its operations to hydropower, the company faces the energy problem of Bitcoin & Co. DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. is one of the largest operations of its kind in North America.

Bitcoin and its energy problem is a matter that is not easily understood  and even harder to evaluate. There are now numerous studies on the topic, but in all of them certain factors are too short . Nonetheless, there are always attempts to tackle the problem . This is also the case with DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. from Canada.

Because the company has started to convert its operation mainly to hydropower. According to a press release  , the cryptocurrency company from Vancouver has now reached 60 out of 85 megawatts of hydropower. Among their offerings is Mining as a Service. By its own account, the company is one of the largest bitcoin miners in North America. In addition to Bitcoin, you can also let Litecoin be mined by the company.

The site on which the company operates Bitcoin and Litecoin Mining covers 8,230 square meters of land in British Columbia and promises that its hydroelectricity will not impact the energy needs of the surrounding community:

“In the 71 years of Boundary Electric’s existence, we have never seen a demand in the electronics industry that matches what comes from crypto environment. The ability of [Boundary Electric] to collaborate with DMG on projects has brought their commitment to creative solutions to their industry to the forefront. DMG’s approach to the design process underscores a partnership strategy that focuses on cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality “,

explains Dave Evdokimoff, CEO of Boundary Electric.

As you can see from the press release, DMG needs a total of enough energy to theoretically supply a city of 50,000 households.

“DMG is now the proud owner of one of the largest and most cost-effective bitcoin mining facilities in North America – and we do so responsibly [in collaboration] with local communities. It was a bold undertaking, but DMG’s leadership team has been involved in Bitcoin mining for years, and we have the know-how and connections to utilities and government agencies to make it happen, “

emphasizes Dan Reitzik, CEO of DMG Blockchain Solutions.

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