Woolf University is completely based on Blockchain technology

A team of Oxford academics has founded the world’s first “Blockchain University”. Woolf University is fully committed to distributed ledger technology, from tamper-evident issuance of certificates to process automation and tuition management. It advertises primarily not with the known advantages of blockchain technology, but at low cost.

Blockchain and education go well together. Numerous universities have already proven this with their curricula , their staff expansion by academic  Blockchain experts and the issuing of certificates. Now, Woolf University is the first university to be based entirely on blockchain technology. At the beginning of 2019 the first seminars will start.

Lower costs and red tape

According to the Oxford scientists involved in founding the Woolf University, the planned education system is expected to make studying cheaper compared to traditional universities. At the same time, teachers should receive higher salaries.

Blockchain-based data storage eliminates the need for regulatory and administrative teams to cut costs. The automation of administration processes also helps to reduce costs. These savings should benefit both students and teachers. While some have to pay a lower tuition fee, others receive higher salaries. “By the way”, this system ensures that the data of the students as well as their final certificates are stored safely and tamper-proof.

The Woolf University software platform provides information on its  website about whether a seminar is being held online or on-site and assigns students their credits and teachers salaries. Thus, much of the bureaucracy, known for its slowness and partial inaccuracy, is being cleared away. Students outside the European Union [EU] will also be able to obtain a recognized EU degree. The whitepaper reads accordingly ambitious :

“It is our ambition that Woolf represents a revolution without precedent in the history of the university. […] In essence, Woolf enables the oldest and most venerable form of human education: direct personal, individualized training in thought. Woolf is supposed to make this transformative experience accessible to all. “

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