Monero Initiative is fighting against malware mining!

Privacy Coin Monero has always been a popular destination for malware mining in the past. With a new anti-malware website, the Monero community wants to counteract now and prevent the misuse of computing power to Monero Mining.

The Privacy Coin Monero is characterized by its high level of anonymity and privacy. Through a mixture of different mechanisms, the sender, the recipient and the transferred sum are concealed for all outside third parties. These features make Monero particularly popular with those who completely distrust third parties – or who generally have something to hide.

Monero is also designed to be mixed with the simplest possible technical means. This should be a centralization of mining by a few powerful computer can be avoided. The flip side, though, is that hackers are finding it easier to misuse foreign devices to mine Monero.

The Monero community now wants to tackle this issue more seriously and fight Monero Malware Mining. To do this, a Monero initiative has launched a website designed to educate all users about the risk of Monero malware. The Malware Response page also provides instructions on how to handle the malware.

The user is usually suspected of being the victim of malware attacks when device performance drops dramatically. Thus, the user must first differentiate under what infestation the affected device suffers. Unwanted in-browser mining, unwanted system mining or malicious ransomware can be the reason for the performance degradation of the hardware.

Once the user has identified his problem, the page gives a brief explanation of the nature of the malware. In addition, the user can read a short guide with measures. These range from simple behaviors – such as no longer calling the mining website – to software updates.

Incidentally, the site is not only recommended for those who are severely affected by Monero Mining malware. The interested and interested reader can also independently learn about the nature of Monero and Malware Mining. If you want to know more about the Privacy Coin Monero, you should read the current issue of the crypto compass.

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