Stock market in Stuttgart announces ICO platform and trading platform for Bitcoin

Stock market in Stuttgart is expanding its business field further. After the launch of the BISON app, Germans want to build an ICO platform. In future, it will be possible to launch legally compliant ICOs in Germany as well. It also wants to provide a secure way to trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

According to a press release, the Stuttgart Stock Exchange wants to create a “continuous infrastructure for digital assets”. This should create a platform for ICOs. In addition, one wants to ensure a “safe custody” – with the technical details, the stock exchange Stuttgart, however, still holds back. Alexander Höptner, Spokesman for the Stuttgart Stock Exchange, is delighted with the developments in the capital of Baden-Württemberg:

 “On this basis, we can offer central services along the value chain for digital assets from a single source. Investors and market participants know that the Stuttgart Stock Exchange stands for quality, transparency and reliability. As a provider based in Germany, we want to translate this claim into the digital world and thus make a contribution to the acceptance of digital assets. “


The company is already developing a trading facility for cryptocurrencies with BISON. With the app and the upcoming ICO platform, the Stuttgart Stock Exchange wants to climb to the top in the German crypto market:

“At the trading venue, tokens issued through our ICO platform are to be traded on the secondary market. This is a key success factor for ICOs. At the same time, we address the needs of both private and institutional investors for a regulated and trustworthy environment for cryptocurrency trading. “

In addition, one should also be able to act on the future platform also established crypto currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. After all, everything should run according to German standards, so that not only the trade with Bitcoin & Co., but also the offer of new tokens is lawful:

“In designing the strategic projects, we work closely with the committees and, in particular, the supervisory authorities.”

The announcement coincides with the recent announcement by BaFin announcing on 1 August that it would be better to regulate ICOs in the future.

Germans have always been good hodlers. If the Stuttgart Stock Exchange succeeds in offering a legally compliant option for crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ether & Co., it sends positive signals to the state of savers and Häusle-Bauer. If more investors decide to invest safely in cryptocurrency, then the Bitcoin price will also see an upswing.

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