“The rumor is not true”: Samsung denies cooperation with CopPay

Samsung denies rumors of cooperation with the payment service provider CopPay. CopPay sees the mistake with a reseller, who should not have discussed the cooperation with Samsung.

There is still a long way to go before Bitcoin & Co. has become widely accepted as a means of payment. So it’s no wonder that waves of big business like Samsung announce that they accept cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, a corresponding announcement has not been confirmed. At least not from the official side.

In a meanwhile deleted (but archived) mail on medium, the payment service provider CopPay had announced that it is now possible to pay with five different cryptocurrencies in some Samsung shops in the Baltics. The same should apply in the foreseeable future for Samsung’s websites. However, this was denied by the electronics giant:

“Our official answer is that the rumor is not true,”


a company spokesperson wrote in an e-mail to Hard Fork. Did CopPay lied? Should a wanton deceptive maneuver be behind the post? After all, the name of the company may have previously been known only to insiders. This may have changed after the extensive reporting of relevant crypto magazines.

This suggests that it could have been a kind of PR action by CopPay. In the meantime, CopPay CEO Ina Samovich has published an opinion on Medium. In this she denies having ever proclaimed a collaboration with the Samsung HQ. It was announced “only the possibility to pay for Samsung products with crypto currencies”. Corresponding contracts have already been concluded with a premium reseller of Samsung products. In addition, they have worked with the public relations department of Samsung on a joint press release. As proof that CopPay had already opened corresponding “payment gates” in the participating stores, Samovich is bringing two photos with him. One of them shows a CopPay sticker on the back of a cash register monitor, next to a VISA and MasterCard sticker. The second image shows the screen of a cash register displaying the CopPay interface. CopPay could also submit such evidence to the court, if it should come to a lawsuit, the statement goes on.

Obviously, the project was not arranged in advance with the Samsung Headquarters. After the official denial, the participating reseller should have removed cryptocurrencies as a payment option again.

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