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After the anonymization service has not mixed any Bitcoin wallets in the last few days, the website was closed. Visitors will now be redirected to a thread on the forum There, the final setting is announced. Now the question arises: how long will it take until such services are banned in most nations? was founded in 2015 and, in spite of the foreign domain, primarily addresses the German-speaking audience. For anonymous surfers, there was also an own onion address in the Tor network. In an interview with BTC-ECHO, operators said they were “very worried” about the increasing establishment of Bitcoin analytics companies that want to make all transactions transparent. In the fight against more and more state and private sector surveillance, this service was founded. This should allow a free and censorship-free use of Bitcoin.

By own information one possessed a large pool of already mixed Bitcoins. These have been mixed for a fee of one to three percent with the bitcoins of customers. The blending should make a subsequent analysis of transactions using the blockchain impossible. Naturally there are no scientific papers on the guaranteed security of anonymity. Security was a matter of trust and a question of reputation, the creators wrote to us last November. The former competitor, however, advised the crypto community to use cryptocurrencies like Dash, Monero or Zerocoin in illegal projects, because their focus is on data protection. Bitcoin was generally discouraged – regardless of whether it is mixed or not.


In another interview, in autumn 2016, operators acknowledged that they have observed mixed feelings when pedophiles, drug dealers, arms dealers and other criminals have used their services. For them stood in the foreground that one can use the bitcoin similar to the cash without traces and completely censorship-free. In the first few months, they even went so far as to advertise in illegal underground forums like Fraudsters. They also gave concrete tips in the interview on how to disguise money laundering and tax evasion best. The notes were referred to as “sketch”. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether or to what extent they want to apply their tips.

Even if there was no imprint for this online service provider, it is safe to say that one or the other official investigation was made with the premature departure. A year ago, the competitor gave all other operators the well-intentioned tip to pull the plug everywhere for security reasons. At, the bust of a darknet marketplace was the reason for their exit. In the case of, however, there are currently no rumors that suggest a link with official measures.

Incidentally, one of the last anonymizers with a respectable reputation is the Mixer Helix, founded four years ago, which can only be visited with the help of the Tor browser. However, their web server has not been available in Darknet for some time. Unfortunately, many imitators are still online, such as,, & Co., all of whom are aiming for the money of unsuspecting customers.

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