ETH network continues: there are more developers for Ethereum dApps!

Interest increases in applications for the Ethereum platform. It is estimated that now hundreds of thousands of programmers engaged in decentralized apps.

Bearish crypto market should remain optimistic for the future of decentralized technologies. More and more developers are working on Ethereum so distributed applications are based on Ethereum dApps. Ethereum Blockchain is no doubt currently the most active platform for dApps and smart contracts. Since the launch of the Ethereum in 2015 interest steadily on the technology, especially end of 2017, as crypto-economy had reached all-time highs. But just because the cryptocurrency market decreased since then, this does not mean that the decentralised Ethereum platform would have a great future ahead of it.


There are doubts whether there are really so many active Ethereum developers as ConsenSys claimed in the crypto community. Fact is, however, that applications are increasing and more and more big players and small, independent programmers dApps working on Ethereum. It is important that the development has begun and continues to grow. As we know from so many examples in recent history, one killer-dApp, enough to revolutionize an entire industry or the general public of a new technology to inspire.

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