Brave: Twelfth place in startup ranking!

Two years ago, it still hailed criticism of Brave, the browser of Mozilla founder and Java Script inventor Brendan Eich. The accusation: The integrated Adblocker ruin the business of advertising. Even the editor of the Wall Street Journal agreed at the time in the Jammerchor. Still,WSJ Brave ranked twelfth in its ranking of the top 25 tech startups.

Brave promises its users one thing above all: the protection of their privacy. This also means that the browser does not fish any personal information. That’s why features for blocking ads and ad tracking are built into the browser by default. Much to the displeasure of the publishers: These accused Brave boss Brendan Eich, his browser robs them of their main source of income, advertising. Eich was even threatened with an injunction in an open letter. Among the signers of the letter was a representative of Dow Jones & Company, publisher of the Wall Street Journal.


The grudge, however, seems to be passé: In April of this year, it was announced that Brave Software will partner with Dow Jones; free according to the motto “If you can not beat them, join them”. The new friends want to work together to ensure that content producers get their money, without violating the privacy of the recipient.

Central role is played by the crypto-currency BAT, created by Brave in a record-breaking ICO. Users can now decide for themselves on participating media whether they want to view an advertisement or not. The trick: for every prestigious advertisement, the user receives a small reward in the form of BAT. For example, the user can then donate the tokens to content producers, or they can use them to gain access to premium content.

Brave has tackled a problem as old as the first pop-up ad. In this respect, the good placement of the browser in the WSJ Ranking may well be justified. Only one thing should be kept in mind: Who pays the chapel, also determines what is played.

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