Slovenian shopping center accepts Bitcoin!

In Slovenia’s largest shopping center BTC City in Ljubljana, you can soon pay in Bitcoin with the help of the Elipay app. Slovenian startup Eligma has created apparently simple solution to bring crypto currencies further into the mainstream.

Slovenian startup Eligma, whose ICO ended in April of this year, has set itself the goal of developing simple and effective crypto solutions for daily shopping. So they want to enable using their app Eligma to pay “with crypto in offline stores”. This should primarily address users who do not want to use crypto currencies for trading, but are interested in the very original use case, the payment of goods. In fact, this seems to be easily implemented. The goods of the participating shops are equipped with a special QR code, which is scanned with Elipay on the smartphone. After confirmation of the purchase, the transaction is already completed. According to Eligma, security in the event of loss of the smartphone, for example, is ensured by storing the crypto-credit in a protected offline wallet. Access is only available to those who know the login.

Already in April, Eligma presented her Elipay system to Slovenian President Borut Pahor and Slovakian President Andrej Kiska. At the end of May, a meeting with the Slovenian Prime Minister followed.

As Eligma announced in their blog, they introduced the app that will allow in the future to pay with Bitcoin, as part of the Festival of Shopping of Fun in the mall. In the course of this, Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar witnessed the use of Elipay. Secretary of State Tadej Slapnik bought him a coffee with Bitcoin. Eligma is convinced that the meetings with the heads of state will further increase interest in Eligma and her pioneering achievements in the business world.

In February of this year, a fake news site in Slovenia had caused a sensation. This claimed that an artist has built a “Bitcoin City”. For this he worked together with the Slovenian government and the University of Ljubljana. There are already 4,000 people living in the city. In addition, it should be based entirely on Blockchain technology. He baptized this city BTC City. Accordingly he posed for the article picture in front of the logo of the shopping center. Who would have thought that only a few months later at least one step in that direction would be taken in that photographed place.

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