Technical difficulties with Visa!

Many customers have to leave their weekend shopping in the supermarket. Those who drew their Visa card to pay could immediately plug it in again: A serious mistake in the network of the card provider Visa is causing a loss throughout Europe.

“We are investigating reasons and we are working on a solution for the situation as quickly as possible,” said payment provider on Friday afternoon. The error comes to a bad time. While at 14:36 ​​the error message appears for the first time in the system, many employees at the banks and visas are already on their way to the weekend.

Most customers were reported to continue withdrawing cash at ATMs as usual. Cashless payment in shops, at train stations and in restaurants, however, was significantly disturbed between Friday and Saturday. The problems led to long queues at some ATMs before the weekend. Many otherwise cashless transactions had to be settled in cash this weekend.

According to the company, the disruption affected the whole Europe. However, Britain seems to be particularly affected. Many local banks and corporations, including British bank HSBC and the Bank of Ireland, wrote on social media on Friday evening about their customers’ problems with Visa card payments.

Anyone who wants to make a payment in the shop or at a vending machine triggers an inquiry with Visa with each procedure. The system automatically checks whether, for example, the account is sufficient and the PIN has been entered correctly. Normally, a short answer to the payment terminal is enough and the process is complete. Recently, however, this response from the Visa server could not be properly delivered to the card terminals.


International disruptions in cashless payment processing such as Visa are extremely rare. The incident is reminiscent of the 2010 Bug, as many German cardholders at the turn of 2010, their card for a short time at home and abroad can no longer be used.

While the bug was in the software at the time, Visa suspects the reason for the hardware this time. The company has no reason to believe that the failure is linked to unauthorized access or malicious behavior. Hacker attack excludes the company therefore.

Spanish police described their followers on Twitter the situation with humor. Above animated image of a shocked Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), she said, “Stay calm. If they can not pay, they were not robbed or hacked. Visa is struggling with technical problems. ”

“We apologize to all our partners, especially to Visa cardholders,” said a spokeswoman for the Visa group, Amanda Pires, in an e-mail on Friday evening. Technical problems with major card providers Visa and MasterCard are extremely rare and much rarer on such an international scale.

For Visa, the default is particularly inconvenient. A few days ago, Adrian Farina, Senior Vice President of Marketing, said in an interview that the company wanted to use the upcoming FIFA World Cup to encourage customers to “refrain from cash and contactlessly pay by credit card.” Visa is promoting the World Cup the first time in four years in German commercial television. The company organizes Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the largest sponsorship campaign in the history of the map provider in Germany.

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