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What is Crypto Gold?

Crypto Gold is a company established in Germany and registered in Dubai and concludes contracts on mining crypto-currencies that last for a lifetime. It gives us all the opportunity to participate in the so-called “mining communities” in order to blast different encrypted values.

For example: Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin Dash and ZCash. These are so-called ALCOINS (translated, alternative coins). Coin mining is for ordinary people, but for an individual this is quite expensive and technically too complex.

So, Crypto Gold offers a solution with mining communities that we will talk about later.

Who’s behind the firm?

There are three directors: Sasha Senft, Michael Bauer and Manmohan Lan, or as people already know him: Mao Lal.

In the past, they have already proven how to build large companies and above all, to lead them successfully.

Sasha Senft is mainly responsible for funding. Michael Bauer took into account technical work, such as central support and Mao Lal had a representative part of the company. Of course, you can look at directors on Google at any time and you will also be able to see all about their business history yourself.

What does the company offer?

The company offers contracts for “mining” from $ 50 to $ 5,000 with an activation fee of $ 79.

Also, MLM Marketing Plan is there for those who want to earn more.

As we have already mentioned, you have the opportunity to profit from the so-called mining of alternative coins Crypto Gold. Besides Bitcoin, you can also have mining remnants from Ethereum, ZCash Dash and Litecoin for yourself.

In the coming months, you can always add new alternative coins whenever you choose. You can also buy mining pools. Mining harware are between $ 500 and $ 5,000.

It is a hardware that is being mined in mining pools by Crypto Gold for exclusive cryptography. The power of mining (HashPower), for each community pool (pool) can be seen in the technical part soon.

You can calculate how much crypto currency has become worth for you in a given period of time. You have to know that mining is not fixed, but variable, which means that you do not have the same daily income. Mining is not an investment in which you receive a fixed amount.

There are so-called trial accounts, which means you can buy a 50 or $ 100 share to test the whole thing. All mining packages are for life, which means they will last as long as profit can be generated.

For example, if Ethereum is more profitable, you can simply switch to another encryption. Of course you can do it earlier if you want. 50% of the profit is available at the same time for payment, and 50% is partially invested in new technologies and you can profit from them. It is also partially invested in additional hardware that will be bought later and mining for life is guaranteed.


When was the company established?

Crypto Gold was established in August 2016 and the first mining was done in September 2016 with investment of several million euros. People who founded the company are also the first investors who tried and tested it all in advance.

In June, an MLM network was launched and investors can buy shares in the mining community in the form of “hash” rates.

Crypto Gold has its own drives. You have to keep in mind that nothing is as in the case of Cloud Mining where everything is leased. There may be a buffer and after the launch, mining could start for all members.

Where is the mining system for Crypto Gold?

Mining systems are located in Iceland and the United States, in the state of Washington, on the west coast of the United States.  About $ 25 million has been invested here.

Why USA? Because electricity costs are much cheaper and have more qualified staff, making it more efficient.

How can we make a profit from Crypto Gold?

With CG you can earn in two ways:

  1.  By purchasing a mining community that brings you daily distributions of mining results. In this case, you can set up your team, and you can earn more and more by expanding.
  2. Additional credits through marketing recommendations for CG in the form of promotions, direct commissions, binary bonuses, and team bonuses.

In order to profit from mining WITHOUT high costs, you need to build your personal mining system and, of course, without any technical challenges.

All the mining packages you buy are for the WHOLE LIFE. In addition to this passive variation, you also have the option to earn commissions by proposing Crypto Gold. Apart from direct commissions, you also have possibilities to earn more commissions.


Do I have to promote a new member to earn?

No, there is no need to promote new Crypto Gold members to make money.

If they buy mining communities, this certainly brings a daily income. If you promote certain members, you get additional income through marketing fees.

What are the amounts regarding the contract and what kind of “coins” we can mine?

Mining contracts are as follows:

  1. 50 $
  2. 100 $
  3. 250 $
  4. 500 $
  5. 1000 $
  6. 3500 $
  7. 5000 $

And when you buy your first mining community, you’re paying $ 79 more for activation. At this moment, it can be mined with LiteCoin Dash, Ethereum, Crypto Gold, Bitcoin, ZCash… more will come in the future.

Is mining possible on multiple occasions and at the same time?

Yes, it is possible to have several mining communities and it is possible to have different “coins” for mining. By order you can own as many communities as you like.


What do I get when I get new members for my team?

You receive a direct commission, a binary team fee, a binary bonus agreement, and a bonus for a team that is progressing by level. You can see this further in the marketing plan, but do not worry. We are here to take care of that, and your task is just to expand your team.

How are commissions paid?

In Bitcoin, it can be done right away.

How can I start with Crypto Gold?

Check out the Landing Page on our blog and you will find details.

Check out our mining system: Free Registration! (One Click)

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