Bitcoin Momentum – Consensus in 2018 without a boom?

Many in the world of cryptocurrencies are currently a bit confused. Current news related to Bitcoin & Co. is more likely to make signals and increase prices. But the Bitcoin class has been falling for days, though the hyped consensus conference is a complete success.

Consensus Conference 2018 – Lambos, hype but so far without Bitcoin boom

We already reported on the Blockchain Conference of the Year. The event does not only seem to be a complete success, but according to Tom Lee of Fundstrat it is an important indicator when it comes to price forecasting. As the “Google Trends” tweet shows, interest has developed strongly over the years.

Consensus Conference 2017

The third Consensus Conference was held in New York from May 22 to 24, 2017. Over 2700 participants, 200 speakers, 75 sponsors and 50 media partners were part of the Blockchain event of the year. Brian Armstrong (CEO of Coinbase), Peter Smith and many others were among the speakers. At the time of the event, there was also a slight increase, but the extreme thrust was missing.



Consensus Conference 2016

The second consensus conference was held in May 2016. The statistics for the conference were already in its second year. The number of participants has risen from 400 to more than 1,400 participants. In the 2nd Consensus Conference there were over 125 speakers, 50 sponsors, 50 media partners from 40 different countries. Speakers included greats like Gavin Andresen and Chris Larsen. The respective speakers came from different companies. From VISA to Harvard to the governor of Delaware. A complete overview of the participants can be viewed at this link.

Interestingly enough, the picture is similar in 2016 as it was in 2015. There was a slight increase in the price in the days after the conference, but there was a direct strong increase. As in the previous year, the prize was able to record noteworthy gains only weeks after the conference.

Consensus Conference 2015

What about the change of the respective crypto-year in comparison? First, let’s look at 2015. The conference was held in New York from 7 to 10 September 2015. According to Coindesk, the event attracted around 400 participants. As you can see from the 2015 price chart, there was a price loss shortly after the conference. Only weeks after the conference Bitcoin price could gain in value. At the end of the article you will find an overview in which the consensus years are compared.

During the respective conference the Bitcoin price did not rise. It seems as if the event will only become noticeable at the Bitcoin price weeks later. We also think that the consensus conference could be seen as an indicator. The number of participants reflects the direct hype of cryptocurrencies.

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