Reddit accepts Bitcoin payments again!

As early as March of this year, Reddit Bitcoin had turned off payments on its own platform the tap, now announced that Reddit officials want to be back on CryptoCoins. Besides Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum are also likely to be approved.

Reddit briefly withdrawn Bitcoin from the platform’s offered in March, which was related to changes at Coinbase. The Cryptocoin Exchange changes made it necessary to upgrade Reddit and other platforms using Bitcoin as a means of payment through Coinbase. This upgrade could not be implemented early by Reddit, so Bitcoin was banned from the platform for almost two months.


Now, users of Reddit can buy so-called “Gold Membership” again with Bitcoin – this ensures, among other things, that Reddit is completely ad-free for the user.

In the course of this good news, they also announced that they would like to accept more cryptocoins in the future. Specifically, Litecoin and Ethereum (two more coins that are also available on Coinbase) are under discussion here at the end of May.

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