Ex-Goldman Sachs Chef sees global cryptocurrency coming!

Gary Cohn, former Goldman Sachs president, sees the time for a global crypytocurrency coming, but this, in his opinion, will not be Bitcoin. In television interview, Cohn talked about the future of the one-world currency.

Meanwhile, the major investment banks have come to terms with the fact that cryptocoins have come to stay. However, it continues to defend itself intensely against leaving a decentralized CryptoCoin the currency market of the future.


Gary Cohn told CNBC that Bitcoin technology could be the foundation for a global cryptocurrency. However, this will not be Bitcoin itself, but CryptoCoin that is much simpler and easier to understand.

Cohn agrees with the typical tenor of the investment giants of the Western financial system by trying to prepare the field for a Goldman-Sachs or state-regulated CryptoCoin. Unanswered, however, he left the question as to why investors should prefer a centrally regulated cryptocoin to decentralized Bitcoin – possible that Cohn simply does not know the answer to that question.

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