Bitcoin is heading for $ 10,000 and Ethereum over $ 800!

Bitcoin price is back to $ 10.000, while the Ethereum price is at $ 800. In addition, the volatility of Bitcoin was halved in the last quarter.

The signs are good in the crypto-ecosystem. The Bitcoin price is growing at a rate of five percent per annum, while monthly growth is currently at 46 percent. Even better is the number two cryptocurrency. For example, the Ethereum rate can grow at a rate of 19 percent per annum, with a monthly increase of 117 percent.

With a market capitalization of just under $ 165,000, the lights in the Bitcoin ecosystem are green. The same applies to the Ethereum Course. With a market capitalization of just under $ 80 billion and a price of $ 800 via ETH, everything points to a bull rally.

Following the example of Cai Wenshang, recent months have been a good time to benefit from the current bear market. Chinese investor sees the future in Bitcoin and Blockchain technology and has heavily invested in them.

This rosy future is reflected in the falling volatility of Bitcoin. Since January 2018, this has almost halved:

The $ 10,000 in the crypto-reserve currency Bitcoin is an important psychological factor. When cracking in any case, movement will enter the market – but can turn out in both directions. While the brand f is $ 10,000 the point to realize its profits, others see the moment to come back. It is assumed that a temporary dip, but after a sustained price case, it does not currently seem like it.

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