BMWi is looking for ideas for Blockchain projects!

Blockchain theme on the Open Innovation Platform (OIP) of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) is looking for exciting ideas for Blockchain projects. A pitch session in the BMWi as well as an invitation to the CEBIT on 15th June will offer particularly innovative suggestions.

We are looking for application examples and ideas on how Blockchain can add value in education, energy, health, transportation and administration, and beyond. Many are using distributed ledger technologies (“Blockchain”) primarily to connect cryptocurrencies. But the application potential of the technology goes far beyond managing e-car charging, preventing prescription drug fraud, or making a marriage record – in many areas there are applications for blockchain technologies

With our focus on the open innovation platform, we twant to contribute to collect examples, concepts and ideas for Blockchain applications in the various areas. From the vision to the finished product, all contributions are welcome.


Your contribution: Are you dealing with Blockchain applications in education, energy, health, transport, or administration? Or do you have ideas about how Blockchain can add value in these areas? Then share your ideas with us! The phase of ideas from 19 March to 13 May lives on the participation of the community. Together, we want to show that the added value of Blockchain applications need not be limited to the financial sector.

Everyone can join in: Register for this on the open innovation platform of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. We are looking forward to your contributions. Particularly active participants and authors of exciting contributions will have the opportunity to present their project on a pitch session in the BMWi and be invited to the CEBIT on 15 June.

There are already some interesting posts. With Arrivo is e.g. A solution is provided for the check-in in autonomous traffic systems via Blockchain. Another idea comes from Advanced Blockchain AG – they want to use PEAQ to combine the advantages of a DAG with Blockchain and smart contracts. The Energy-Bits project is coming directly from the capital – Berliners want to make a blockchain-based electricity trading platform.

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