Croatia: it is possible to buy Bitcoin in the store!

Croatia has recently opened Bitcoin business where you can buy Bitcoin. The opening is part of a wider crypto strategy of Blockchain start-ups across Balkan.

If you want to exchange Bitcoin, Ether and other cryptocurrencies for Fiat currency, there are several possibilities. The most widely used is the purchase of coins through certain online exchanges and trading platforms. Another, albeit little-used way is the use of so-called Bitcoin ATMs. In Germany, this is not possible, since the installation of Bitcoin ATMs requires a license from BaFin.

In Croatia you can now buy cryptocurrencies personally in the shop. In the city center of the port city of Split Bitcoin, Ether and other Coin for a premium of 5 percent on the average trade price to have. In Vienna, the “House of Nakamoto” already has a Bitcoin store, which offers OTC crypto trading.


The opening of the store in Split, which took place last weekend in Croatia’s second largest city, was announced. Behind the idea of ​​Bitcoin business is the Croatian crypto-exchange Bitkonan. Starting from Split, the Exchange team wants to carry on the idea and open similar stores in other Croatian cities, such as Zagreb or Rijeka. Should this project be as successful as Bitkonan hopes, expansion into neighboring Balkan countries could also be the result.

Government and regulators around the Croatian central bank HNB have been cautious about cryptocurrencies, but have not taken concrete steps.

At the beginning of the year, an interest grouping was formed: Udruga za Blockchain i Kriptovalute (UBIK). It wants to influence the development and create awareness for cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. Behind the organization are blockchain start-ups and innovators from Croatia’s crypto scene. It would be desirable if the association manages to raise the issue more firmly on its country’s agenda.

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