Security concerns with Coinsecure: Missing Bitcoins!

Coinsecure, one of the largest exchanges in India, reports Bitcoin theft. In a letter, the stock exchange CEO turns to the country’s cyber police and blames their CSO for the lack of 438,318 Bitcoins. On its own website, the stock market is already involved in contradictions, by confusing Bitcoin and Bitcoin Gold.

Although the name of the stock exchange might suggest, Coinsecure does not seem to be quite sure. As you can see from the homepage of one of India’s biggest stock exchanges, 438 Bitcoins have recently been lost.

In an indictment filed by the New Delhi cyber police, the Coinsecure CEO blames the CSO for theft. According to him, the only ones who have access to the Private Keys are CSO Dr. Amitabh Saxena and CEO Mohit Kalra.


On its website, the stock exchange also states in its April 12 announcement that the system of the stock exchange has never been attacked. Rather, the coins were lost when Dr. Amitabh Saxena Bitcoin wanted to “distribute” gold to the customers. He then apparently reported that the coins were “gone.” According to the message, they were lost after reading the Private Keys.

So far it is unclear to which Coins it actually acts. In the indictment, which is the cyber police Neu Delhis, is of Bitcoin the speech. In her blog post, however, Coinsecure complains about the loss of Bitcoin Gold.

To avoid Dr. Amitabh Saxena leaves the country, Mohit Kalra demands that the competent authority withdraw his passport from his former colleague.

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