Bank of Japan comments on cryptocurrencies!

Japanese Central Bank (BoJ) is in favor of using cryptocurrencies. The social factor should not be underestimated. Cheap transactions are possible and they can make people’s lives more comfortable. However, the state must intervene regulatively, so that the positive aspects permanently outweigh.

At the end of March, the Bank of Japan (BoJ) commented on its website on cryptocurrency. It states that virtual currencies do not need to be banned, even if every citizen in the country does not understand them. Cryptocurrencies have been developed to develop social activities and allow for low-cost transfers . Japanese authorities must intervene, as they do with fund administration, to stop crime, terrorist financing or money laundering. First of all, the identification of users had to be checked by state agencies. It also points to recent data thefts and the need to make all online trading platforms in the country safer.


If you want to trade with cryptocurrencies, you have to be familiar with it!

There is a possibility that these could one day be worthless without warning. Anyone who wants to act with it, must have the necessary technical knowledge and also be aware of the risks.

In contrast to shares, there are no indications for the valuation of the individual coins. The value is unpredictable. Objective factors for the estimation of the further course course do not exist. Virtual currencies can be profitable in principle – the need but not mandatory. The previous year’s Bitcoin value gain says nothing about price performance in 2018 and beyond.

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