Update: Crypto advertising ban on Twitter will come in two weeks?

News that Twitter’s cryptocurrency advertising may be restricted is becoming more specific. Sky News reports that there will be a new advertising policy in the next two weeks to better control crypto advertising.

Last week , it was reported that it would step up its cryptographic scams platform in the future. Microblogging service follows the model of Facebook and Google, which also want to restrict their advertising in the crypto area strongly or have already done so.

Now, for the first time, a concrete timeframe is mentioned. It is said that the new handling of crypto advertising should be enforced over the next two weeks. This is reported by the news site Sky News.


The purpose of these special measures against advertisements is to increase the content control. So one wants to prevent a fraud of the investors. Censorship should not be limited to cryptocurrencies. Posts that promote initial coin offerings or other Blockchain projects will also be scrutinized in the future. Advertising for hardware products like Wallets also falls into this field.

It is not entirely clear to what extent these measures are a general prohibition on crypto advertising or whether a differentiated selection should be made. Greater screening of high-quality cryptocurrencies and ICOs could have a positive effect on the market as a whole. However, putting cryptocurrencies under general suspicion could undermine the credibility of the industry.

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