Japanese Firm Mikan will launch Bitcoin Cash Wallet!

According to local reports the Japanese firm Mikan Co. Ltd., creator of the Mikan (英単語アプリ) English language app has announced the beta-launch of a bitcoin cash (BCH) only mobile wallet for iOS and Android.

The Tokyo based firm, Mikan, has announced the beta-launch of a bitcoin cash wallet called Yenom which will be released in late March. The Japanese company established in 2014 is well known for its app that teaches English words. The English word application, ‘Mikan,’ has exceeded 2 million downloads since its first release. The Yenom BCH wallet has officially started its pre-registration, and the company plans to invite users to test the beta platform.

Mikan’s press release explains that the company believes bitcoin should “become a part of people’s lives.” The platform’s developers hope the application is “easy to understand and easy to use compared to existing applications.” Mikan’s wallet announcement details the platform’s ultimate goal is “making it possible to use bitcoins easily.”


Turning Over the Existing Money Structure

The company says Yenom was designed and dedicated to function with bitcoin cash. Mikan also explains the wallets name and why it was chosen. The name “Yenom” reads “money” upside down. Mikan explains the underlying philosophy behind this name stating:

[Yenom] shows the intention of “turning over the existing money structure” through this service.

Mikan details that while the virtual currency industry is exciting, it’s strongly said that most cryptocurrencies are traded for the purpose of speculation. But the company believes the great potential for bitcoin is within its “currency” use case, and Mikan thinks this will be realized when cryptocurrencies become a commonplace like traditional currencies. Bitcoin needs to be a part of life, says Mikan, “like water, electricity, and the internet.”

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