The biggest comeback after the crypto-hack? 260,000 Coincheck customers hope for a miracle!

The hacked Japanese online trading platform Coincheck will soon start reimbursing the wallets stolen in January. The hack affected the assets of around 260,000 customers. The operating company announced that they wanted to resume operations as soon as possible. However, this requires the approval of the Financial Services Agency (FSA).


Unknowns stole $ 430 million worth of assets from the Japanese trading platform Coincheck in January . The Japanese government responded with stricter conditions and referred for safety reasons several competitors of the country. Before reopening, they should prove to the Japan Inspectorate that they have significantly improved their security measures. In addition, criminal charges were sent to the operators of seven crypto exchanges. Among other things, the course of Bitcoin came under considerable pressure. In the meantime Coincheck had to admit the existence of security gaps. They apologized to the customers for all the inconvenience. Today it was announced 80% of the stolen 523 million units of cryptocurrency NEM repay from their own resources.

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  1. I thought the goverment take the hole Money. Is someone in the community where was invest in thins?

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