Bitcoin is loosing value!

After a price drop on the previous day, on Thursday morning it went for cryptocurrency Bitcoin further down. In early trading, digital currency was trading well below $ 8,000 on major trading platforms. On the trading platform Bitstamp the course slid temporarily up to 7682 Dollars.

Since Wednesday morning, Bitcoin lost about 15 percent of its value. In the digital currency, there were strong price fluctuations. In February, the price had fallen temporarily below the mark of 6000 Dollars. Since the beginning of the year it goes downhill, and the Bitcoin has lost about 45 percent in value.  Last December, the best known and most important of the cryptocurrencies reached a record high of about $ 20,000.


No Bitcoin advertising on Google

One important reason for the losses is the harsh crackdown by American and Japanese authorities on crypto exchanges. In particular, recent measures by the US Securities and Exchange Commission had caused a stir. In order to protect investors and avoid fraud and tampering, under certain circumstances crypto exchanges will  have to obtain registration with the SEC or an approved exemption in the future.

In addition, it was announced on Wednesday that the Internet giant Google will no longer allow advertising for the Bitcoin. Even internet platforms for cryptocurrency trading may not be advertised on Google anytime soon. Facebook had already taken a similar step in January with reference to fraud risks for users.

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