Various fake websites are offering Telegram coins!

At the successful ICO of the brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov, operators of some fake websites are currently trying to participate. So far, it has managed to take the fraudulent side of a single provider from the network only. The remaining pages are still online and all look deceptively real.

Durov brothers are known for their Internet projects. In 2006 you founded the Russian counterpart to Facebook . Later, they sold this social network to the group of companies. The popularity of messenger and successful ICO of Telegram animated various fraudsters to build their own counterfeit fraud sites. These claim to carry out the second and therefore public round of financing until the end of this weekend.

Cybercriminals hushed up their scam well. Sites have mostly serious-looking domain entries with registrars in Russia. In addition to profile photos of the employees of Telegram, who are also supposed to collaborate on this new project, even the white paper was stolen by Pavel Durov to offer it as a download to all interested parties. Also real YouTube video with the announcement of the Initial Coin Offerings was integrated many times.

Telegram did not announce second round of financing
The second round of financing has not yet been announced by Telegram. Stay away from’s “offers”,,,,,,,, This also applies to the now closed portal of the alleged Telegram Foundation, which was never true.

Whether the operators of the messaging service want to proceed, it is unknown. Video description warns against imitators. In addition, it should be noted that everyone should be very careful with all information that does not come from the official website.

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