Trading platform Einstein Exchange is fighting against drugs

Einstein Exchange, Canadian cryptocurrency online trading site, announced its intention to take action against illicit sale of narcotics and drugs. They want to block wallets that were already linked to trading of banned substances in the future. Lawyer Christine Duhaime, who works for the company, announced this at a congress in Toronto a few days ago.

Canadian lawyer Christine Duhaime is primarily involved in the fight against money laundering at Einstein Exchange. Duhaime announced that they are now working with other online venues to compile a list of suspicious wallets. Ultimate goal of the joint effort is for cryptocurrencies to be a permanent means of payment for drug dealers. The timing is no coincidence. Senior US Department of Homeland Security officer handed over a paper to the Senate at the end of January on the possible measures in the fight against illegal drugs. The best way to curb the sale of banned substances is to dry out the vendors’ payment systems. A comparable blacklist existed at Einstein Exchange already in connection with extortion Trojans, with which innumerable PCs were infected. This list was compiled using the users of this online trading venue. Most likely, they will use  help of the users again to optimize the list in the fight against Fentanyl & Co. in a timely manner.

US imposed health emergency

Also on Tuesday, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that number of hospital admissions for overdose between July and September 2017 has risen by 30%. The director of the CDC even speaks in this context of an ” epidemic “. In 2016, there were more than 42,000 overdose deaths. More than 40% reported deaths were associated with prescription opioids (such as fentanyl and much more), according to the CDC. Therefore, US government imposed the national health emergency in October 2017 until further notice.

Ultimately, the action for the Canadian provider is a nice PR action that brings a lot of attention, but should cost little.

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