Beware of ICO scam: Actor Ryan Gosling was a fraud victim!

Actor Ryan Gosling is featured as a team member on the now offline website. But instead of breaking the fence in the Far East, the announced “Crypto Revolution”, scammers have already made off.

According to own data some investors collected about 830.000 US-Dollar. Special attention was to the graphic designer of the company. Depicted is none other than Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling , who allegedly has a clear focus on identities and illustrations in the role of Kevin Belanger as an ” experienced graphic designer .” The other profile pictures of the staff of are also not real. The photos were taken from various business networks, Twitter and various picture agencies. The website is now offline. Scammers have already disappeared.


ICO-Scam: How do I recognize dubious providers?

First you recognize dubious providers of exaggerated promises. The bigger the announcements and self-adulation, the sooner one should think: Stay away! At Miroskii, investors in the Far East were promised nothing less than participation in a “Crypto Revolution”. For that the creators did not even offer a white paper for download, in which further details to the project would have to be contained. It is also striking that the domain was anonymized. No reputable provider needs to specify an obfuscation company like as admin. For a search engine, simply enter the search term “Domain Whois Lookup” and check the deposited information in one of the many free domain databases. It is also important that the website has a valid imprint including a loadable address (no PO Box!). Anyone who doubts the identity of the people depicted can use the free website Use . There you enter the Internet address of the image to be checked or upload the profile picture itself. Seconds later TinEye spits out countless results, where the photos are still used on the Internet.

Probably the next ICO-Scam no other Canadian actor in the format Gosling there. Nevertheless, someone can try to verify the information of the entrepreneur as well as possible online.

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