Million Crime: First hot track to Bitcoin mafia!

The effect around (now banned) Bitcoin pyramid game Optioment: Viennese lawyers filed a complaint to the prosecutor on Friday for serious fraud! As reported, up to 10,000 (!) Austrians lost some of their total savings trading with digital currency!

The biggest crime so far in the country –  Bitcoin is causing a stir for weeks! Behind it is an investor fraud in the amount of up to 100 million Euros! Already 70 victims represent the Viennese law firm Lansky, Ganzger & Partner.

Allegedly, risk-free financial product (35.000 Bitcoins were promised as a deposit guarantee) was sold!

The investment plans – most recently reclaiming yields of four percent per week – worked like this: Invested digital money was exchanged into “real” currency, then bought shares, sold them and then exchanged back into the cryptocurrency.

Faces of this dubious construct are “Three Musketeers” – two Styrian brothers and one Austrian. But, lawyers want the actual backer of the “Bitcoin Mafia”, a successful young entrepreneur that came on the track. Not abroad, but here in Austria. Now, it’s up to law!

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