According to news: Six people are at the top of the Bitcoin pyramid!

Investor representatives indicate six people who accordingly played a role in the Optioment scandal.

They are two cheaters whose existence is not assured. This impression could be gained if one of them perceived previous representations of the alleged rip-off system: Optioment. Although Bitcoin “investments” replicated to a pyramid game over numerous salesmen in Austria, people don’t want to receive any money. They see themselves as victims of the two alleged hackers Alex P. and Lucas M.

New research by investor representatives now comes to a different picture. Accordingly, three Austrians in the Optioment sales lead “are not victims, but clearly, they are perpetrators of criminal acts against the injured investors,” it says in a statement of facts of the law firm Lansky, Ganzger & Partner to the Vienna Public Prosecutor. These are three musketeers in the system who deny all allegations and have filed complaints against Alex P. and Lucas M.


Austrian entrepreneur will be displayed

In addition to the musketeers, Bitcoin entrepreneur from Austria will also be displayed. He also dismissed all allegations and meant to only bring sales people together with Optioment. In factual presentation he is called “the central interface in the Optioment system”.

He developed business model and helped build sales, said Ronald Frankl, Investor Attorney at Lansky, Ganzger & Partner. According to this presentation, it is “significant” that Tyrolean entrepreneur transferred his own company to a Hong Kong company a few days after Optioment discontinued payments. For entrepreneur, as well as for the other accused persons, the presumption of innocence applies.

Overall, the ad draws a picture of deliberate investor fraud through chat logs and videoconferencing. High returns were promised, which were achieved with proprietary trading software in Bitcoin trading. In fact, profits were just the money of new customers who were baited. When difficulties became virulent, Optioment increased the yield promise to four percent – per week. In November, payments were all set. Around 10,000 maligned investors are facing a total loss estimated at 100 million euros.

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