Alleged “Bitcoin founder” sued for ten billion Dollars!

Craig Wright and Dave Kleiman were among the first Bitcoin miners – this is now reopened in court!

Dave Kleiman brings his former business partner Craig Wright in court. He accused for stealing Bitcoin worth up to $ 10 billion from Kleiman’s estate. This ends the story of two of the first Bitcoin miners in the courtroom – and possibly even the previously anonymous Bitcoin founder with the pseudonym “Satoshi Nakamoto” is unmasked.

Self-proclaimed inventor of Bitcoin

Wright and Kleiman first communicated in March 2008 about new cryptocurrency. Seven months later, the whitepaper that launched Bitcoin appeared. “Dave and I were two-thirds the inventors of Bitcoin,” Wright said later. In January 2009, Wright and Kleiman execute a Bitcoin transaction – just nine days after the very first transaction on the Bitcoin Blockchain ever.

Company founded

Two Bitcoin luminaries found a company called W & K Info Defense Research. They were developing new applications in Bitcoin field, then Kleiman was dying from the consequences of a disease. During these two years, these two mined Bitcoins up to a million! Wright should then have taken over the company – whereby Kleiman’s family subordinates him to the falsification of important papers.

Extremely high value in dispute

Now, a court will clarify how many Bitcoins Wright owns – and how many of them actually belong to Kleiman’s heirs. The value in dispute amounts to up to ten billion dollar, reports Motherboard . “It does not matter if the two Bitcoin founders were Satoshi or part of his team,” says Velvel Freedman, attorney for the Kleimans: “All that matters is that they scrapped Bitcoins very quickly.”

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