Trigger of recovery? Anonymous investor buys Bitcoins for $ 344 million !

After Bitcoin slipped off at the beginning of the year, there was a rebound in early February. According to Alex Sunnarborg, founding partner of Tetris Capital, this could have been an anonymous buyer who bought Bitcoins valued at $ 344 million.

The whole crypto market was driven by bears for more than 30 days. Bitcoin had fallen in the meantime under t6,000 USD, also some other crypto currencies suffered price loss of more than 50%. The reason for this was, above all, the fear of stricter regulations. But not all investors fled from cryptocurrency: Trader apparently used the price weakness for a million-dollar Bitcoin purchase.

Anonymous investor attracts others

Although it is not known who the anonymous buyer is, but many others joined his buying habits, Sunnarborg said to “Marketwatch”. According to Andy Hoffmann, the operator of a crypto currency website, the account with the bitcoin address “3Cbq7aT1tY8kMxWLbitaG7yT6bPbKChq64” bought 41,000 bitcoins between February 9, 2018 and February 12, 2018, increasing its ownership from 55,000 to 96,000 bitcoins. On average, he paid $ 8,400 per Bitcoin.

Reason for conspiracy theories

In many online forums and social media portals in the world was hot debate and puzzles, who could be the anonymous investor. Even conspiracy theories have made the round, as Jeff Koyen, president of 360 Blockchain USA, according to “Marketwatch” noticed. The bulls, who felt the bottom had to be reached at $ 6,000, were encouraged along with other buyers after the anonymous investor kick-started.

Buyer now belongs to “big whales”

The anonymous buyer, who now owns over 96,000 Bitcoins and is a  dollar – based billionaire, seems to be one of them. He obviously believes that the current uptrend in Bitcoin market will continue.

Bitcoin is rising steadily

Currently, Bitcoin price continues to rise, it is currently at 11,500 dollars. Thanks to the price increase, the anonymous buyer could already record a profit.

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