ConcertVR Overview & important Infos

ConcertVR is first Blockchain based cross-platform marketplace for high-quality VR content from the music and entertainment sector. 

This is an organization which is founded in Europe by Andreas Knuffman and Sebastian Deyle. These two gentlemen are experience in producing classic films for the past 20 years.

As a first step in the process of utilizing decentralized feature of Blockchain there is the term for pre-ICO and it will be followed by an ICO in March.

The plan is to create its own token: ConcertVR Token [CVT] which will have an issue rate of 0.00015 ETH and it will cost approximately 16 cents. People can use this token to pay for their concert in ConcertVR app. Payments would be accepted in the form of other cryptocurrencies which will make them more flexible and make them grow faster.

Most of the people can’t attend the concert because of the location of the concert or sometimes the tickets are sold out. ConcertVR solves both of these issues. Fans can fulfill their dream to attending a concert from the comfort of their homes.


The birth of ConcertVR

Both founders were working in the entertainment industry for about 20 years – mainly as classic film producers. However, some of their larger clients also come from the tourism industry – so they were  spending a lot of time in virtual reality.

In the beginning, they were just looking for a way to combine exciting new technology with television business, but to be honest, none of our ideas really made any sense. So they asked themselves: “What would be a way to use virtual reality that we would buy ourselves?”

It was not easy, but they are proud to have a fully functional prototype that they developed without external financing. Their team was responsible for the design. It was a great trip so far and the greatest thing is… it’s only the beginning!

What are the main benefits of bringing Blockchain technology to live entertainment industry?

Blockchain technology is a win-win situation. Not only for the music industry, but also for the fans. The idea of decentralization has the potential to revolutionize the entire music industry.

The benefits begin with simple things, such as organizing bills and bonuses through smart contracts. This can save enormous costs, which ultimately benefits the artist. On the other hand, user data becomes much more secure with Blockchain technology – at ConcertVR, for example, it will not store customers’ purchases on stationary servers, but rather decentralized and encrypted in the cloud. The account of a user, his credits, his preferences – all this will practically be “unhackable”! Great times for data-hungry monsters like Amazon or Facebook, which annoy their users with advertising, will be over soon.


Where will the value of concertVR  jump and what the ultimate benefit for token holders will be?

Only a very limited intersection of people spend money on a concert ticket. Someone who can afford a concert ticket, someone who also lives near the venue and the concert must not be sold out yet! However, concerts by popular artists are often sold out within a few minutes!

With ConcertVR there is a solution for all these problems! Here’s why:

VR ticket will cost much less than a real ticket – everyone will be able to afford it! Even if you do not live close to the event, you can now enjoy your favorite star on stage – without travel and stress … just from the comfort of your own home!

The concert will never be sold out again, as it will theoretically be possible to sell an unlimited number of VR tickets for a concert. Of course, this is not only a great advantage for all fans, but also for the artist himself. Now he can finally inspire fans in countries that he has not reached in the context of his tour, yet!

All these advantages for both sides result in a product that in the medium term is no longer indispensable in the entertainment industry – perhaps comparable to the invention of the mp3. At the beginning many were skeptical but today everyone understood what a revolution that was back then. That’s how it will be with live concerts in VR.

ConcertVR’s future and value to the average person’s life

It’s important to point out that the upcoming pre-ICO and the ICO in March are not the first steps of a long journey, but just the next and most logical steps. Founders are proud that they funded their prototype from their own resources and also created many other things over the past 18 months – but now is the time to step onto the big stage and for that, their team needs to be expanded. Big companies like NextVR in America have successfully proven that VR has a huge potential – but nobody in Europe has consistently implemented that yet – until now! It should be mentioned that they are proud to contribute with concertVR to the fact that cryptocurrencies are gaining wider acceptance in Europe as well. In Japan you can already pay for your breakfast with BTC today – in Europe at least for your concert tickets!


What do ICO participants get by joining ICO and how can they join?

ConcertVR will create its own Token – ConcertVR Token (CVT). A token is issued at the rate of 0.00015 ETH. That can change a bit up and down as we all know. With ConcertVR 2 industries are combined, which both have enormous potential – VR and live concerts. Therefore, token can increase tremendously in value as it will be ensured with this successful company that a real value is behind their token.

Aside from that, Token can also be used as a means of payment in the concertVR app. Incidentally, besides all known payment methods (credit card, paypal, etc), variety of other cryptocurrencies will be accepted, too.

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