Engineers arrested for Bitcoin mining!

Russian engineers tried to use computers in a uclear center to generate units of digital currency Bitcoin. They are now threatened with criminal proceedings.

Several engineers from major Russian Nuclear Research Center have been arrested for trying to use their computers to generate Bitcoin crypto currency. The employees of the Nuclear Research Center in the city of Sarov are stopped in time. To their knowledge criminal proceedings has been initiated against the suspects. The number of employees is unknown.

Internet currency Bitcoin is created by complex arithmetic operations called mining. The more powerful the computers are, the faster the virtual means of payment can be digged.


In particular, Nuclear Research Center is working on the development of nuclear weapons, access is strictly limited. In 2011, supercomputer was installed there. According to the Russian television, this was one of the twelve most powerful computers worldwide.

The value of Bitcoin has dropped sharply in recent weeks. At the end of 2017, it still reached a peak value of around 16,000 euros – and attracted more and more new investors . Meanwhile, the Bitcoin price is around 7,000 euros.

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