Facebook & Instagram: Advertising for crypto currencies & ICOs are not allowed!

New Facebook and Instagram policy prohibits publication of any advertisements for cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and other digital financial products that are “often associated with misleading or fraudulent practices. ” For many advertisers, this is a setback in view of the large market share and the intensive use of social networks.

Bad news for all companies that want to advertise their services or products on Facebook or Instagram. Among recent guidelines of the company yesterday, according to blog post added: no videos and banners are allowed, which acts on crypto currencies, ICOs or other digital financial products. In addition, users of Instagram and Facebook are invited to report even if they consider advertising negative.

Although you want to continue to deliver advertising to Facebook and Instagram users, but as it says in the blog post – not as far as digital financial products are concerned, because these are currently “not so good.” Social network operating company has narrowed the scope of content until it is possible to distinguish legitimate from misleading advertising. Once it is possible to distinguish the advertisements in terms of their seriousness better, locked-out business area should be narrowed down again. Whether ads for products from the crypto sector will be allowed again, remains to be seen.

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