Malware in many crypto apps!

According to a recent study by RiskIQ’s security researchers, 20 official app stores are still offering over 660 apps for download that contain dangerous malware. Cybercriminals have personal data from wallets of the smartphone owners. Unfortunately, only a few operators of App Stores control the software.

Security researchers from RiskIQ have examined 18,408 apps for the most diverse operating systems of various download portals such as APKPlz, SameAPK, Apple’s App Store, Google Play etc. Google Play found 272 malicious programs. A total of 661 apps fell through the exam. For high-tech bridges, the result was far more negative. In comparatively superficial tests, errors were found in 90% of all cases in programming or transmission of the sensitive data, which meant that users could easily access mobile credit.


Cybercriminals are acting globally in almost “lawless digital world, ” commented RiskIQ manager Fabian Libeau. Those who entrust their coins to an app should choose them wisely. Above all, you should look in the App stores before any installation on the number of downloads performed so far and the previous customer reviews in order to reduce the risk. Alternatively, there is the possibility to use only official apps of the online trading venues, where you are already registered. This also applies in the case when alternative apps have a comparable or even larger functionality.

Unfortunately, this press release does not include a list of malware-related apps and their source.

California security company RiskIQ found out that various hackers put a lot of time in the search engine optimization. Most hackers have included keywords such as “bitcoin exchange”, “bitcoin wallet” or “cryptocurrency” in the English language app stores to maximize the number of possible installations of their app and their revenue.

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