Bitcoin over soon?

“Crypto bloodbath”, “everything is red”, “price collapse in freefall” – you can hear in the international press echo of the past few days, one could get the impression that the Bitcoin in many places already at the end. This does not seem surprising, is the sudden descent for most of the most unpleasant news of the young year.

Some people are now speculating that it is their own fault that the Bitcoin futures, which have been praised as being an important step in the stock market,  should have been made possible by shortening, betting on falling prices. On the other hand, China’s efforts to ban the larger cryptocurrency exchange trading are to blame and have led many investors in China to exit.

Bitcoin price plummets by more than a quarter, to under $ 10,000. It drops back to the level of December last year until further notice – to the state, before the news of the US stock exchanges CBOE and CME Group around the new born Bitcoin futures sent the virtual weavers to a rally beyond compare.

What exactly dive means, however, whether the much-cited bubble is bursting or whether it is only a short dip and should be bought later – a few picture is not found in the international press in the evaluation of recent events.


Bitcoin & Co:

It’s is difficult for the success-spoiled Bitcoin fans […] But not only Bitcoin, the entire cyber currency market is currently under massive pressure.

German wave

Cryptocurrencies in free fall

Ups and downs of so-called cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Co. continues cheerfully. At the moment, however, the prevailing direction is downhill.


Crypto currencies continue under pressure

The minus of the past few days is considerable. […] Investors also know that in recent quarters, heavy setbacks to invest in crypto currencies were part of it – then went up in most cases strong.

Heise Online

Bitcoin somewhat stabilized after 25% break-in

It remains to be seen how things will continue.


The Atlantic

Is this the beginning of the end of the Bitcoin bubble?

Today’s news is opening a fine break in the Bitcoin market […] Blockchain may be the technology of the future. But she has virtually nothing to do with the economy.

The Daily Dot

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are falling – but no cause for concern

Many cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin seem to be slowly getting back on their feet. This suggests that today’s descent is only another curve on the roller coaster, but not the bursting of the bubble, as many critics believe.

Financial Review

Bitcoin nothing but the failure of another e-currency (opinion)

The Bitcoin bubble will end badly […] Whatever the intent was, Bitcoin has turned into a facility whose sole purpose is speculation.


12 reasons why Bitcoin could fall below $ 1,000 (opinion)

If the Bitcoin price changes too much, it could cause futures owners to liquidate their contracts and put even more pressure on current prices.

New York Times

Behind the Bitcoin Bubble (Opinion)

Yes, it is driven by greed – but the mania of cryptocurrencies could lead to something much more important than wealth.

USA Today

Bitcoin breaks under the weight of the regulatory test

Speculative watch out: Bitcoin, the once-up-and-coming currency, is once again feeling the heat of the regulators in Asia, putting their price in free fall.


Al-Arabiya (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

The Bitcoin bubble may be bursting soon

“There should be an intense campaign to underline that this currency is a bubble that can burst at any moment and that those who invested in it could lose everything.” (Expert Dr. Ali Al -Ghamdi, quote in the text)

Daily Express (United Kingdom)

The end of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum crash in the wake of collapse fears

Bitcoin has overtaken the tulip mania and has become the biggest bubble the world has ever seen.

Financial Post (Canada)

Bitcoin’s dreamlike climb seems like a nightmare after a 20% fall

Regulatory intervention is a key vulnerability to the Bitcoin Rally, and more of it seems to be on the way.

The Korea Herald (South Korea)

Do yourself a favor, stop buying Bitcoin (Opinion)

This is probably the most obvious bubble ever.

The Nation (Thailand)

Bitcoin in detail: future of money or fraud?

Obviously, there are demands for such forms of digital money, although its [Bitcoin’s] volatility hurts. […] Only time will tell if cryptocurrencies are scams or our common future.

NDTV (India)

Bitcoin falls 43% from its peak a month ago. Five things worth knowing

Experts insist in their claim that the market is headed for a major correction.

The Sunday Times (South Africa)

Economist: The course of the Bitcoin could have something good

“It teaches people to be careful and that it can not always just go uphill, but also downhill, and go downhill far.” (Economist Dawie Roodt, quote in the text)

Russia Today (Russia)

Bitcoin halves its value in the crypto market carnage 


While some headlines around the world certainly hint at evil, the pure news value of the stock price dominates above all in the channels of the mainstream mass media. In view of the ever louder media echo of the Bitcoin in recent weeks, this shows that forecasts hardly anyone would dare at the moment. Individuals doubt loudly – and not just since the last three days. However, hopeful voices mix objectively and coolly between the criticisms. As our understanding of cryptocurrencies grows, so does the realization that fixes like these do not mean the end of Bitcoin and Co. – quite the contrary, there’s probably a very good window of opportunity to buy cryptocurrencies.

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