Nordea Bank in Sweden will prohibit employees ownership of Bitcoin!

According to current guidelines of Nordea Bank Sweden, around 30,000 employees can not own and trade in cryptocurrencies. The management of this leading Scandinavian financial group has long been known to be very skeptical about cryptocurrency.

Finnish management should have forbidden the approximately 30,000 employees even the possession or trade with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. According to the secret source, the Bitcoin ban should invariably affect all employees. So also secretaries, for example, employees of IT and even the cleaning staff of the Swedish Nordea Bank. We sent a press request to the company via Twitter that has not yet been answered. Should a statement appear, we will deliver it in a timely manner.

CEO Björn Wahlroos commented in the Finnish press in 2014 that Bitcoin has attracted attention, above all because of various money laundering and security scandals. He argues that who deposits his money at an online trading center, should allegedly act in much the same way as if one treats his purse carelessly. Another online magazine told Wahlroos that Bitcoin is not an official currency, but merely a tool for sharing communities on the Internet. In his opinion, he could not be successful in the long run.


As Bloomberg reported in December, Nordea manager Casper from Koskull described the Bitcoin as a ” joke ” and ” absurd construction .” Basically, the bank does not want to have anything to do with such speculation. It makes no sense to offer this currency to the mainstream, especially as it is so often mentioned in the same breath as various offenses. “How does the Bitcoin fit on the topic of regulation and financial breaches?” , Was quoted by Koskull. Bitcoin would take the expensive control systems of the financial system to absurdity because there is no control over it. The manager could not understand why Bitcoin was still allowed in this context.

Update: Business Insider Editor John Stanley Hunter informed us today via Twitter that he had received a reply from the editorial board of a Nordea spokesman saying that there should not be any restrictions on the ownership of crypto currencies for employees. An answer to our request is still pending.

Skepticism does not include Blockchain technology

The Scandinavian financial group is less skeptical about the Blockchain technology. In December 2017, Nordea Bank announced that it is partnering  with IBM to support a Blockchain-based trade consortium as a founding partner. By the way, other founding members are Santander Bank, HSBC, KBC, Natixis, Rabobank, Société Générale, Deutsche Bank and UniCredit.

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  1. I don’t unterstand that. It’s like when I say to my staff that they have buy only VW and Audi and other cars are forbidden.
    Where are the free economic? Why the do that?

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