Binance, Bitfinex and Bittrex reject new users!

For some weeks, almost all major online retailers have been struggling because, given the flood of new users, they are not completing the processing of incoming orders. Three online venues: Binance, Bitfinex and Bittrex have pulled the handbrake. There will be no further registrations possible until further notice.

Binance recently reported a daily increase of up to 250,000 new users seeking to trade crypto currencies there. According to Coinbase, it was about 100,000 per day and 50,000 new users per day at Kraken. The flood of registrations brings the providers far beyond their technical limits and in terms of staff utilization. Coinbase and Kraken already reported performance problems in the previous year due to the huge influx of visitors.


In mid-December, Kraken announced, considering 10,000 new tickets daily, to stop the telephone support. The users were already prepared to expect technical delays and problems in retailing. Several vendors announced a review and review of their trading venues in order to prepare for the flood better and continue to ensure full security for all users. Bittrex also stopped accepting new accounts in mid-December. First, you have to improve the backend and expand the in-house support to continue to ensure a smooth transaction. Tether rejected new accounts in November 2017, because 31 million USD were stolen.

In the future, Bitfinex wants to focus on professional traders who have a higher trading volume and do less work for the portal. You don’t want to burden your own system with countless small traders, it is said there. At Bitfinex, the gates open in mid-January, Binance has not set a time limit from when new users can log in again.  Website and API are not running smoothly since the last upgrade last Saturday.

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