BDSwiss experiences – Facts about provider!

BDSwiss is the clear winner after testing in the field of trading.

NEW and exclusive: Now also Bitcoin and crypto currencies offered!

The most popular provider of the German impresses, and above all by its regulation, the small deposit amount and the reliable customer service – All factors that make the trade user friendly platform for both beginners and professionals very pleasant!

BDSwiss is a broker for online trading and has an office in Cyprus and an additional phone in Frankfurt.

At BDSwiss it is possible to trade via online trading platform with different financial products from different asset classes.

Minimum deposit is only 10 €, but also it has attractive returns on successfully completed trading up to 80% and in addition there are still bonuses for newcomers, who make a positive BDSwiss experiences!


Is BDSwiss serious company?

BDSwiss also started in the field of binary option where a lot of unregulated brokers created a lot of problems for its customers. Even in that environment BDSwiss was already from 2012, when they started their service regulated. Already beginning of 2016 BDSwiss mirgrated their service from binary more and more into the world of serious forex and CFD options.

Is BDSwiss a fraud or serious?

Main criteria we have looked at are customer funds and customer payouts. BDSwiss always fulfilled the regulations from the authorities to keep customer funds strictly separately from corporate funds. On the secondary points „customer payouts“ we have found little to none complaints from customer or fines from the Regulator Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC),both are strong indicators for the seriousness of BDSwiss.

The broker BDSwiss is licensed under the license number 199/13 and is thus subject to the legal guidelines of the European Union. It also indicates that BDSwiss is reputable, the additional regulation by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, BaFin.

These official instances control, for example, whether customers’ funds are stored in external accounts and are separate from corporate assets. This prevents that in case of bankruptcy of the broker, the money of the trader is also lost, which provides positive BDSWiss experiences.

In addition, brokers are required to comply with applicable risk education policies so that traders are always aware of the risks and dangers inherent in trading financial products


The Trading Platform – The Offer

The trading platform of BDSwiss is a proprietary masterpiece of software. All in house developed is it very different to the rest of the entire industry. Customers can easy download the mobile trading app from google or apples app stores. The software impresses with an interactive user interface, a nice platform walk through for beginners and an overall intuitive user experience. The Web application of BDSwiss impresses with its functionality, but also the simple design and the clear design are among the pluses, as it facilitates the navigation through the trading platform. BDSwiss offers so-called “Pro Trader” functions, which include the Double Up function and the Rollover function among others.


BDSwiss deposit

To open an account with the BDSwiss, there are no fees to pay and it does not take too long.

The account currency can be Euro or Dollar and the minimum deposit is only 10 Euro / Dollars, which can be very attractive for newcomers, but also for experienced traders.

After all, it is the case that with a small deposit amount, less risk is involved, to lose a lot of money directly or let alone pay for it again immediately.

Because, however, before the first disbursement on the part of the BDSwiss can be made, the person of the account must be verified. This may be based on a residency document and a copy of the personal or travel passport, which must be submitted in order to prove that you are an account holder.

This is for the safety of every trader, because only then can the broker make sure that it is actually the right person to whom the money is being paid. No financial transactions with binary options or currency pairs can be made under a false name. This is one of the normal security standards that most brokers use.

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Additional infos

BDSwiss is Banc de Swiss, a favored broker for the digital trading of financial products. Not only newcomers, but also advanced traders make positive BDSwiss experiences. This is based on the professional customer service, which provides individual assistance with any problems.

It impresses with a quick response to inquiries in several languages ​​and on different communication channels. So you can choose between the email support, hotline or live chat customer service to make inquiries.

In any case, your e-mail will be answered quickly and you can look forward to a German-speaking customer service, which always has an answer to their questions.

Furthermore, positive BDSwiss experiences are made on the basis of the trading platform. This is the software from SpotOption, trusted by a variety of brokers. It impresses with a clear design and an enormous user-friendliness, which makes it easier for a trader to navigate through the online platform.

Everything is organized logically and raises no questions, because the functions are easy to select and easy to find. The fact that the BDSwiss focuses on European markets, the BDSwiss differs from their competitors.

Thus, BDSwiss is a particularly interesting broker for the traders, who want to specialize exclusively in the trade in, for example, commodities of the European market.

So every trader comes at BDSwiss due to the overall package with low minimum sums of money and minimum deposits fully at his expense and should be very satisfied with the test winner.


ICO is a mean of crowdfunding centered around cryptocurrency, which can be a source of capital for startup companies. In an ICO, some quantity of the crowdfunded cryptocurrency is preallocated to investors in the form of “tokens,” in exchange for legal tender or other crypto currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. These tokens become functional units of currency if or when the ICO’s funding goal is met and the project launches.

Early token sales were held by Mastercoin in July 2013 and Ethereum and Karmacoin in 2014, but “mainstream” ICOs began with messaging app developer Kik in September 2017. By November 2017 there were around 50 offerings a month.

BDSwiss is emphasizing its ICO by providing a guarantee that investors who purchase their tokens for $0.10 will double their money, claiming: “Exchange your tokens for BDXCoins at ICO, each coin will be valued at €0.20!” The FX and binary options broker has announced a maximum supply of 50 million token that can be acquired. At the time of this writing, over 5.3 million tokens have already been sold.

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