USA: Government wants to sell Bitcoin!

The US government is currently planning to sell seized crypto currencies. These are means of payment confiscated by the authorities in a fraud case involving fake prescriptions for opioids and currently worth about $ 10 million.

Utah agency is currently working to get rid of the confiscated 513.1 Bitcoin. In addition, the authorities still have 512, 9 Bitcoin Cash available, which also wants to make the government to make money.

As reports, the authorities justify their decision as follows:

“We transferred Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash to a government wallet. Due to the volatile market conditions for crypto currencies, the risk of Bitcoin and Bitcoin losing cash is too high. That’s why the United States wants to sell as soon as possible. “

According to the court order, the crypto currencies will be sold in US dollars on exchanges – so you want to counteract this with a possible loss of value. The money they then want to transfer to an official account.

District Judge Dale Kimball has approved the sale of seized crypto currencies on December 12. He thereby met the demand of the prosecutor, who had demanded an immediate sale.

The case involves a man from Utah who has operated a multi-million drug ring with opioids in a suburb of Salt Lake City.


The cryptocurrencies of the US come from the black market!

Aaron Shamo and his partner are selling fake recipes in the Deep Web! They benefited from the opioid epidemic that prompted President Donald Trump to impose the national emergency . When the authorities confiscated the crypto currencies, they had an approximate value of $ 500,000.

In 2015, the US government sold crypto currencies in several auctions, which were confiscated during the confiscation of the Silk Road black market. As we reported, officials were also arrested who wanted to enrich themselves.

So while far-reaching legislative changes are planned that are likely to affect crypto currencies as well, the US government is trying to enrich itself with crypto currencies. Maybe to get around the hurdles that come with changing the law . Let’s hope that the confiscated Bitcoin does not flow into terrorism or into the drug market.

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