Crowdfunding Platform Indiegogo records ICOs!

The crowdfunding platform Indiegogo now offers ICOs and Blockchain investments. With more than 67 million page views per month, this is far from being a small network user. Crowdfunding has been used in the past primarily to fund fan and niche projects, which is likely to change soon.

Thematically, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are a perfect fit for crowdfunding campaigns, where many small deposits of those interested make sure something can be realized that would otherwise never have seen the light of day. Founded in 2008, the online platform Indiegogo now jumps on the ICO train. The economy is currently subject to a veritable “Tokenization”, as it says in the announcement so beautiful. Since the total value of all tokens sold in 2017 exceeds that invested by traditional investment firms, Indiegogo can not escape the new trend.

In cooperation with the investment company MicroVentures, tokens are now being sold by a fan-run football league. The Fan Controlled Football League (FCFL) is to help this sport to democratic structures. Tokens for five million dollars are to be sold in the next 20 days, currently FAN tokens have gone over two million dollars over the counter, the minimum deposit is 500 dollars. Anyone who participates within the next eight days should get 25%. The FCFL is just the first step, with further Initial Coin Offerings in the pipeline at Indiegogo.


At the beginning of every crowdfunding campaign there is a sufficiently large crowd, who are enthusiastic about a particular idea. If the minimum amount of capital is reached by many small deposits of the fans, the project can be realized. This can be a technical device like a smartwatch or a movie that would never have been shot otherwise.

Through the Schwarmfinanzierung the entrepreneurs are independent of loans and the approval of business angels or investment companies.

These campaigns are advertised on one of the many crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter, Startnext, Vision Bakery and others. v. m., financed by the fees charged. In addition to the classic crowdfunding, in which the supporters only receive a thank you in the form of a T-shirt, etc., there is also the crowd-investing with appropriate shares or donation crowdfunding, in which the deposit serves a charitable purpose.

Conclusion: Crowdfunding may look like a niche topic at first glance, but that’s not true. One should keep in mind that since 2008 Indiegogo alone has been able to collect deposits in excess of $ 1 billion. Linking ICOs and Blockchain investments to such online fund raising therefore has a lot of potential.

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