Madness: Price explosion at the crypto market!

Ethereum sets off in the early morning hours to the all-time high, Bitcoin can not be asked for long and pulls within hours. Even otherwise, a green picture in the price development of the crypto currencies, the total market capitalization for the first time in history can rise to over 300 billion US dollars. We’ll take a closer look at what happened.

When does the record hunt finally stop? This may have been the concern of many an inclined observer this morning when looking at price developments. Who has visited CoinmarketCap, faced a (almost without exception) green wall, where all courses in the last 24 hours could rise in some cases. Led by the draft horses, the crypto market was once again able to grow enormously.

The two largest crypto currencies both reached a new growth within 2 hours after both Ethereum and Bitcoin had already achieved that in the past few days. First Ethereum climbed to a temporary high and scratched with a price of 493 US dollars close to the 500 US dollar limit. The crypto currency ether peaked at a market capitalization of over $ 47 billion. About such records, the Bitcoin but can only laugh and climbed a short time later, in turn, previously unknown heights. With a price of $ 9790, the Bitcoin is now tight to the $ 10,000, the record market capitalization is $ 163 billion.

With Bitcoin Cash, the third climbed in the league also to an interim high, even if the previous peak of two weeks ago could not be cracked so far. The price is here at the daily maximum at 1758 US dollars, the market capitalization was at nearly 30 billion US dollars. Among the top 20 listed crypto currencies, IOTA (+ 22%), EOS (+ 21%) and Cardano (+ 40%) attracted attention in the 24-hour time frame. (At 4 pm)

As the third and fourth installments continue this Monday, total market capitalization climbs to more than $ 300 billion for the first time, an increase of more than $ 50 billion that has flowed into the crypto market over the course of a week. The BTC dominance with 53% even a slightly lower value than in the previous week. One question remains unanswered, though: will we break the $ 10,000 record this month?

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