European Commission: Blockchain in the education sector

The European Commission, the government of the European Union, has presented a detailed report on applications and examples of Blockchain in education. Among other things, certification and digital identities emerge there.

Those responsible in the European Union are discovering more and more the potential of Blockchain – even beyond the use of crypro currencies. This emerges from an extensive report by the European Commission, the JRS Science For Policy Report, which deals with the topic Blockchain in Education. It aims to highlight the potential that Blockchain brings to educational applications.

In particular, it will be examined how Blockchain can be used profitably in European schools and universities. The report also takes stock of the state of play in the Union and its member states, addressing European officials who are able and willing to make decisions in the field of digitization and Blockchain.


The application of Blockchain in European education focuses on the booking of services and the issuing of certificates and certificates using Blockchain. Here, the advantages and disadvantages of the previous manual or digital certification are carefully considered and how Blockchain can optimize these processes. Key words for an implementation are security, efficiency and transparency.

The report also mentions various use cases from other parts of the world, which have already been covered at this point. For example, the certification of degrees and services provided via the blockchain is mentioned as an example of use, which is being carried out both in Malta and by the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the USA. Likewise, the Cypriot University of Nicosia is highlighted, which had presented itself very early as a pioneer of Blockchain implementation.

Nevertheless, the report states that the Blockchain is a technology that is still in its infancy and that one can not expect too much from a timely implementation in the Europe-wide education sector.

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